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Exceleron Continues to Expand in Tennessee: Columbia Power & Water Systems Becomes 15th in the State to Select MyUsage Prepay

Dallas, Texas – January 7, 2016 – Columbia Power & Water Systems (CPWS) of Tennessee has joined a growing number of utility service providers that have selected Exceleron Software’s MyUsage Prepay to offer prepay accounts for utility services.

Rural electric cooperatives, municipalities, and investor owned utilities (IOUs) across the country are switching to a prepay model in which consumers pay for electricity before they use it. The prepay model offers consumers a pay-as-you-go option without any need for traditional monthly bills. Consumers with a prepay account have access to detailed information about their energy consumption and can choose the amount and frequency of payments, obtaining greater control over their energy consumption and budgeting practices.

CPWS has partnered with Dallas-based Exceleron Software, the leading software developer of prepay solutions for the utility sector. In the coming weeks, Exceleron will integrate its MyUsage platform with CPWS’s existing systems, including its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), customer information system (CIS), and payment processors. Then CPWS will complete a 60-day pilot program before offering prepay accounts to all its residential customers in the spring.

“Partnering with CPWS presents another opportunity for us to showcase the benefits of prepay service in a multiservice environment,” said Jeff Severs, COO of Exceleron. “We look forward to helping the residents of Columbia and Maury Counties obtain better control over their monthly expenses for electricity and water.”

MyUsage offers full functionality for launching and managing prepay accounts without any need for the utility to purchase additional hardware or in-home devices. This minimizes the risk and expense of launching a prepay program, allowing utility service providers to pass the savings on to their customers.

Customers who opt into the prepay program will be able to access their account balance and usage history via the web portal, telephone, email, and text messaging. They can add funds to their prepay account through a variety of convenient payment options.

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About Columbia Power & Water Systems
Every day, for more than 75 years, CPWS has kept the lights burning bright in Columbia and Maury Counties in Tennessee. Serving the community with power generated by the Tennessee Valley Authority, CPWS supplies electricity to more than 26,000 customers through a robust, state-of-the-art electric distribution system. Over the years, CPWS has built and maintained 773 miles of poles and conductors and 89 miles of underground facilities throughout Maury County. Today, power is delivered through a 12.470 kV primary system that connects to 22,000 homes and 4,000 businesses. Also, CPWS maintains nearly 6,000 streetlights for the cities of Columbia and Spring Hill.  For more information,

About Exceleron Software
Exceleron Software is the leading software developer of prepay account management solutions for the utility industry. The company’s flagship product, MyUsage™ Prepay, is a web-based, hosted solution that allows utility service providers to launch and manage prepay accounts for consumers. Utilities across the United States are using MyUsage to lower costs, empower consumers, improve customer service, and encourage conservation. To learn more about MyUsage and how prepay programs are superior to traditional billing systems, call (972) 852-2711 or visit
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