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Exceleron Implements Enhanced Hybrid Cloud Offering

AWS Support Added to Private Cloud Options:  Dallas, TX — October 24, 2022 — Exceleron, North America’s leading utility prepay and payments services company, announced today that it has enhanced the MyUsage solution to support Amazon Web Services (AWS). Along with existing Tier-1 private cloud options,...

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Exceleron Is Now an SAP Partner

    Dallas, TX — October 11, 2022 — Exceleron Software LLC, a leading North American utility prepay and payments services company, announced today that it has achieved silver partner status in the SAP® PartnerEdge® program. This is a clear indication of the high level of...

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AutoPay Your Bills? Read this . . .

Darren Raybourn SVP of Sales, Exceleron Software AutoPaying your bills is incredibly convenient, but it is only half the equation. Wouldn’t you rather have that convenience AND know exactly what you were paying before you paid it?  In a recent "unscientific" survey I conducted across social media...

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Keeping Your Customers Connected

How MyUsage Mobile Tops the Engagement Charts “Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without this app. It’s a lifesaver.” “It tells me exactly what I have left in my account and gives me an estimated amount of days that I have before it runs out.”  --...

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Design. Knowledge. Experience.

How Exceleron Provides Excellent Support to Utilities by Darren Raybourn, SVP of Sales at Exceleron Software There are exactly ZERO companies that aspire to provide their customers with terrible service. And yet that is exactly what happens all too frequently when companies do not make support a...

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Are your payments secure?

How to keep your customer’s utility payments safe by Tom Jackson, Director of MyUsage Payments Doyou give your customers the option to pay their bills by credit or debit card? If so, you need to make sure that payments are easy, convenient, and most importantly… secure. About 60%...

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Why + What: Making Utility Bills and Payments Transparent

Even in the modern age, traditional values like honesty and transparency are still important to customers. 85% of customers say that they are more likely to support brands that are open, straightforward and honest with them. If you are responsible for a utility company, there are a...

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Payments are a mobile endeavor

How to offer seamless mobile payments 2009, when we first introduced our MyUsage Mobile App, when most people needed to pay a bill they had to write a check, put it in an envelope, find a stamp, and go out to the nearest post office. It was...

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How to Balance Security Needs with Customer Experience

Heightened security should not interfere with the experience of the customer Did you know PINs were originally going to be much harder to remember? The inventor of the personal identification number, John Shepherd-Barron, was planning on making each number six digits long. However, his wife Caroline commented that six...

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How Prepay Works

As the utility industry evolves — especially thanks to technology that provides greater data and transparency for both the organization and the customer — prepay has emerged as an attractive opportunity. Let’s have a look at prepay programs including some common misconceptions, and how they are a...

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How Utilities Can Prepare for Life After COVID

Though the COVID crisis has brought most of the world to its knees, utilities are one of the few industries that are expected and have continued to function properly. They provide critical services necessary for human survival; indeed, utility companies are essential and utility company...

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(Utilities)… Make Certain We Know

Given all the challenges we have faced thus far in 2020, I think it is safe to say that there are a lot of people trying to manage their household budgets and are being pulled in multiple directions. Paying for your utilities is one of...

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MyUsage Monitoring: Features and Benefits

Exceleron Software’s MyUsage® is the leading prepay account management solution for the utility industry. The MyUsage suite of applications empower consumers to take control of their energy usage and budgeting. MyUsage Monitoring, a value-added feature of MyUsage, lets utilities use that same technology to allow all their...

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