Pee Dee EMC of North Carolina Selects Exceleron for Prepaid Program

November 1, 2011

Dallas, Texas – November 1, 2011 – Pee Dee Electric Membership Cooperative has joined a growing number of North Carolina utility service providers that have selected Exceleron’s Software Prepaid Account Management System (PAMS) to offer prepaid accounts to consumers.

Utilities across the country are switching to a prepay model in which consumers pay for electricity before they use it. The prepay model offers consumers a pay-as-you-go option without any need for traditional monthly bills. Consumers with a prepaid account have access to detailed information about their energy consumption and can choose the amount and frequency of payments, obtaining greater control over their energy consumption and budgeting practices.

Pee Dee EMC has partnered with Dallas, Texas-based Exceleron Software, the leading software developer of prepay solutions for the utility sector. Pee Dee has completed a successful pilot program of its new prepaid program and is now making it available to all residential consumers served by the cooperative.

“Pee Dee is already receiving very positive feedback from many of the consumers who participated in their prepaid pilot program, and we’re excited to support Pee Dee as they roll out the offering to the rest of their accountholders,” said Jeff Severs, COO of Exceleron Software. “Several utility service providers in North Carolina are already seeing the benefits of offering a program with no deposits, no late fees, and no connection fees, and we’re pleased to know that additional residents will soon benefit from this new program.”

As a web-based, hosted solution, PAMS offers full functionality without any need for the utility to purchase additional hardware or in-home devices. This minimizes the risk and expense of launching a prepaid program, allowing utility service providers to pass the savings onto consumers.

Consumers are always given the choice of opting into the prepaid program or remaining in the traditional, monthly billing cycle. Regardless of their choice, all Pee Dee consumers have access to Through this website, members can review their daily usage and see temperature data to better understand how outside temperature affects electricity usage. Individuals can choose to receive alerts if their daily usage exceeds a certain threshold. This not only helps consumers manage their consumption, but also promotes energy conservation.

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About Exceleron Software 

Exceleron Software is a leading software developer in the prepay industry. The company’s Prepaid Account Management System (PAMS) is a cost-effective solution that allows utility service providers to launch and manage prepaid accounts for consumers. Utilities across the United States are using PAMS to lower costs, empower consumers, improve customer service, and encourage conservation. To learn more about PAMS and how prepay programs are superior to traditional billing systems, please call (972) 852-2711 or visit 

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